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August 23, 2012


Esther Edwards

Ashley, I just discovered this blog about you and your hubby being in China! I am soooo jealous! Right before our move to OH, Jared and I were seriously starting to plan and prepare to live in Korea for a year or so but it wasn't meant to be, at least not yet...but we will go! So I think that maybe it's not that you are necessarily "young and impetuous" but "bold and adventurous!" It gladden my heart to see one other person vote for the less safe & familiar option even if it was just in regards to floors. (I have 16 comments on FB voting against paint, I don't know why I found it so disheartening but I did.) Thanks. Oh did you ever get to know the DuBravac's very well? They just got to China or will be there very soon for the year, I believe in Beijing. Best Wishes!!!

Ashley McLemore

Thanks Esther! I sincerely enjoy keeping up with you and your family's adventures, and root for your decorating decisions. You've got such an imagination for the potential in things and I would love to be in the same places as you right now. Someday. What fun is life if we never step outside our comfort zones? After all, it's only a floor, right?

It's definitely been a worthwhile experience living in Asia though, and I'm glad we've been able to do it.

I did get to know the DuBravacs, but had no idea that they were headed this way! I'll have to seek them out!

Hope to see you around here more often :)

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